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Mission Partners

ECB has carefully chosen specific mission partners that we are currently developing relationships with. The aim is not only to support a mission organisation financially but to develop deeper relationships with specific Mission partners that will result in targeted prayer and potentially exchange visits and short-term assignments.

Pastor Sriyamal Fernando
Kings Revival Church, Negombo, Sri Lanka

ECB’s relationship with Pastor Sriyamal began about 7 years ago through a member of ECB working for World Vision in Sri Lanka. Since then several ECB members have visited him in Sri Lanka and Pastor Sriyamal was able to come to the UK and visit ECB early in 2014.

Financial support for Sriyamal and the Kings Revival Church has allowed him to concentrate on working full time as a pastor and evangelist and has been the principal source of income for him and his family. ECB has also specifically supported particular mission work that Sriyamal is involved with, particularly in the area of prison ministry.

Marcelo Vargas

Marcelo is known personally to several members of the congregation and although a Bolivian national has lived and studied in the UK.

He is involved with two organisations, CCM in La Paz which has been training graduates in holistic mission for over eighteen years and FTL which is a Latin American Theological Fraternity looking to develop the Kingdom of God in an authentic Latin American expression.

Financial support from ECB helps to fund Marcelo as Executive Secretary of FTL which works through a network of theologians throughout many Latin American countries.

Scott and Hilary Dalton

Scott and Hilary continue to minister to us and tell us about their programme visiting churches in the Middle East.

Kailen and Kim Khongsai

Kailen and Kim visited us October 2018 and showed how caring for God’s world lead to opportunities to share the message of Christ in multi-cultural Southall. We plan to visit them in March or April at the A Rocha centre, with a view to developing the partnership further.