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Christians should not only meet to worship God together, they should also be making a positive difference to those outside the church walls. The following are just a few of the ways Emmanuel Church members show God's love to those around them (Contact the church office for further more details):

Churches in Bicester

‘Churches in Bicester’ is a very strong organisation which is supported by ministers and church members. The ministers of the major denominations enjoy a warm relationship and hold weekly meetings for breakfast and prayer, hosted at ministers’ homes in turn. This provides mutual help and support, and furthers the ecumenical work in the town. The churches have a good working relationship, and currently work together on the following initiatives. You can find out more about Churches in Bicester at www.lovebicester.com

Bicester Food Bank

The Food Bank gives boxes of nutritionally balanced food and support to people experiencing emotional or financial crisis. The Bicester Food Bank has been running for over 5 years and has helped hundreds of families.
Along with the food parcels, they get a cup of tea and a chat with volunteers. If required, they can also get more information about any appropriate agencies that can help them get out of their difficulties. For more information visit the Bicester Foodbank Website.

Christians Against Poverty

Along with other churches in the town, Emmanuel Church Bicester runs CAP Money, a 3 week money management course created by the charity Christians Against Poverty. These are delivered by trained money coaches who are able to work with people on a one to one basis and if necessary refer them on to Christians Against Poverty.

Street Pastors

Children’s Holiday Club

Youth Forum

Youth leaders from across the churches in Bicester meet together at a monthly ‘Youth Forum’ in order to support, encourage and pray for one another as well as coordinate combined youth activities between the churches.  (It’s also a great excuse to have a good ol’ fry up once a month!)

“You Are Not Alone” is the name of the four annual combined youth services planned by the Youth Forum where Christian young people can come to worship and be encouraged in their faith.  The Youth Forum has also recently launched a Youth Team made up of young people from multiple churches who are taking over leadership of the combined youth events.  

Church Planting at Elmsbrook

Churches in Bicester are looking to respond to all the new housing developments across Bicester. On behalf on CiB, Emmanuel church is taking the lead on the North West Bicester, Eco Town development called Elmsbrook.

This development is at a very early stage with the first residents moving in the beginning of May 2016. Over the coming months and years we hope to establish a new worshiping community on North West Bicester.

This is likely to include a combination of various groups meeting together in homes, community buildings, schools or existing Church buildings. 

Seniors Outreach

The Churches in Bicester  have endeavored over a number of years to reach out with a warm hand of “Inclusiveness”  to Senior folks in our Community.

This we have done through social gatherings around fun, food , friendship and in an atmosphere of Christian love and care. No particular church affiliation required so all are welcome to attend.

Refugee Support Group

The ministers of the 13 churches that make up Churches in Bicester think so. Together they have formed a Refugee Support Group to look at how Bicester Churches can work together in response to the unfolding tragedy that is happening on our doorstep. The aims of CiB Refugee Support are simple..

  • Raise awareness within Churches in Bicester and the community of the current refugee situation and how Bicester people can help.
  • Provide information and advice about possible ways to respond to the refugee crisis through the development of a database of agencies.
  • Establish ways of supporting refugees placed locally through befriending refugees resettled in Bicester; providing advice and signposting to the services resettled refugees might need; offering hospitality; and giving emotional and practical support.
  • Help channel support for work amongst refugees abroad through known and trusted agencies.
  • Act as a point of contact for the local authorities.


For more information about the refugee situation please see this FAQ