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A truly incredible artist and creator!

Denise Crook writes

What an amazing, diverse, colourful creation God has made. A truly incredible artist and creator!

The changing colours of the leaves have been stunning and on our walks we have enjoyed feasting on the blackberries! It always fills me with a real sense of awe and amazement for our creator and provider and I wonder how incredible this world would have been before the fall. (And I don't mean the Autumn!)

At this harvest time it is good to give God honour and thanks for His provision for us. How amazing the world could be if we all as a human race only kept what we need and gave the rest away. So, I have been challenged to ask myself, “In my thankfulness, am I generous?” I wonder if I can challenge you to ask the same? As we do this, let's ask the Holy Spirit for His love and compassion and guidance to see if we can help those around, either materially or through an act of kindness.

I was reminded last week of looking over a cornfield a few years back now. As I looked I had a real sense of the sea of corn that I looked at actually being people, all facing the same way and looking towards God. This made me think that even though we are similar, we can also be very different in all sorts of ways but with all our differences we can be unified in our worship to God. Looking around at nature we see a God who loves colour and diversity.

It also reminded me of the verses in Luke 10 where Jesus says, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into His harvest field." I wonder how often do we remember to 
ask this of God? Would you join me this harvest in doing that too?

But remember, we need to listen, as we may be the answer to that prayer. That can be a scary thought. It helps me to remember that it's the Holy Spirit that does the changing and ripening, not me!

So, are we willing to go and pick what's already ripe? There may be a few brambles in the way before you get to the blackberries, but it's worth it!

I pray God's bounty and blessing will fall on you this harvest time so that through God's generosity you would continue to be thankful and generous too!