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Small Groups

There are several small groups meeting each week, in the evenings and during the day. Small groups are a place to study the bible and pray with others in an informal way.

20’s/30’s group

We are starting three small groups aimed at supporting people in their 20s and 30s. These groups are meeting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The group also has an informal meeting at the Bure Farm pub on the first Thursday of every month


A mixed age Bible study group who meet weekly on Monday evenings to help one another grow in our relationship with God and to care for one another.


A caring, nurturing group where we seek God in His word, and minister His love to one another in prayer and counsel. We also have a good laugh with many senior moments to reflect on!


This group meets on Wednesdays to encourage and support each other to develop our relationships with each other and with God. Initially, we’ll start up the new term by getting into relationship with each other and to find out our aspirations of what we want to create as a group.

Post Alpha group

This is a new small group made from people who have recently completed the Alpha course run in the Bure Farm pub at the end of last year.