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Clive Collier writes

Advent means HE COMES or just COMING.

When we celebrate advent as part of Christmas we are putting Christmas in context - We celebrate the coming of Jesus, as Saviour - and as we look to his coming at the end of time.

But in many ways we also reflect that he comes to us at any time when we are open to him. Our experience of a Father God is that he is around us now - especially when we give some space to recognise him. Of course - he does this through the Holy Spirit and it only takes a moment of time - in a worship song, in a quiet moment, as we take a minute to pray, as we read a verse - for his presence to be evident. And at this moment - balance is restored and who we are and why we are - all settle into place again.

Christmas is lovely - a cause for joy, a renewed hope, a celebration of love shown in a way we understand - as if God got our Love Language just right! And so we feel we belong, are loved, are known and matter.

And of course that's what we try and show to those around us - our family, our friends and those around us who so much need to know this.

But it’s also a time to let him come again and afresh into our lives, maybe reflecting that it was a long time ago when he first came, and renew us and meet us again.

Let’s not miss him this Christmas time. Give yourself a moment some time - with space and warmth and peace and welcome him again!