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The adventure


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Nicola Cooper writes

As we near 2015 I've been reflecting on the past year. For me this year has been one of many changes. In Autumn 2013 I gave up my career in Marketing and embarked on a degree to become a Youth Worker!

This adventure has been all about stepping into faith and trusting God. I felt God calling me into full time youth work for many years, but until last year I hadn't had the courage to take the risk, the risk of leaving behind a well earned, well paid, successful career in marketing, the risk to start over again. 

God calls us out of the ordinary, and into the place of risk taking faith. It isn't easy, my journey this last year has required much sacrifice, but the tug in my heart of the Holy Spirit far outweighed the fear these sacrifices brought. God has changed me, is changing me and shaping me, refining me in his fire, but he asks that I give up the way of the world and look to Him only... I don't always get it right! I'm glad
our God is gracious!

Matt recently talked about God's good plan for our lives, but that we need to take that 'next step' to see what's around the corner. Seek counsel with wise friends, ask God to help you to see what he's asking you to do. He is a faithful God, and his timing is perfect and he makes all things work together for our good.

For me, I have learnt that the actions I take in my life are what reflect my love for God. He has used me in so many ways this last year, but I had to choose to take the risk first. He requires that of us. 

As we come to the wonderful celebration of Christmas we see others taking risks for God. Mary, taking a risk that she might be outcast by her family, left alone to be a teenage mum. Joseph, taking a risk to marry Mary even though she was pregnant and it wasn't his, taking a risk to be an earthly father to the King of Kings. 

I encourage you to be courageous, ask God to show you what he's calling you to do and be bold and take that risky step. I think God took the biggest risk of all, sending Jesus to earth, knowing that even though he was Love incarnate, he would be rejected by so many.. but God chose to do that anyway. When we consider this maybe we might find it easier to take a step of faith for God.

Merry Christmas