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Authority, compassion and grace


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Andrew Collett writes

A few weeks ago Jeannette and I were host to a gentleman seeking a break from his marriage for all the wrong reasons. We were captivated by his presence and his honesty when sharing his reasons. After reading two books about marriage relationships, and watching the first chapter of the Marriage Course, he announced that he was going back home to his wife, graciously accepting the faults lay with him. What wisdom!

We were blown away by the power of prayer that we both had prayed for this man who was seeking a resolution. Over many years of being a Christian, my faith has helped me be confident in sharing truths about our Christian life. Coupled with my confidence in Jesus, He prompts me to speak with authority and grace when the need arises.

Reflecting on the past few weeks reminds me that, as Christians, we can and should speak with authority, because I see a distinct failing in our society to speak the truth for fear of upsetting someone. The Ten Commandments are pretty clear in my mind, but have been watered down to suit our modern society. What foolishness abounds! Our responsibility as Christians is to follow those rules to the letter without any deviation, and when we do God backs us with authority, compassion and grace.

I am amazed how many people have distorted views on marriage and relationships in general, pushed on us by the media, magazines, TV, films, and, worst of all, social media. Had this gentleman not come to us and found the truth, his life and his wife’s could have descended into anger, bitterness, recrimination , financial cost and many years of good marriage thrown away.

Finally with these thoughts in our minds, let me encourage us all to speak out the truth at ALL times, even if we think we might sound odd. If we don’t, who is going to? We are Jesus’ lips.