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Angharad Davies writes

Needless to say the last few months have been eventful. For me, I’ve been baptised, became an adult and survived the UCAS application process, and it has been easy to lose sight of God under the need to think about finances, university and the world outside Bicester.

The “spiritual highs” that many of us youth had during the Summer have now worn off and we are in the swing of our mundane, ordinary lives, preparing for mock exams and so forth, it has been easy to say “I have so much work, I’ll skip Church/ Youth group / Respective Church-y stuff to catch up”. But this is a dangerous zone; one week can easily turn into a month and you’ll find yourself four months down the line not even considering going to church and, worst case scenario, look back on the uplifting Summer thinking “that was just a phase”.

Entering the real world again can be difficult, returning back to the familiar and the ordinary after something so extraordinary can result in a false interpretation of what Christianity is. Most of us fortunately don’t reach the ‘phase’ point, we don’t give up on God instead we prioritise other things above Him or not being bothered to get up and go to Church: Apathy. Not that we don’t believe but that we don’t care. I understand that there are reasons why people can’t go to Church on a Sunday whether that be because of work timetables or families but it is when we don’t make time to be with God all together.

Apathy is a rocky road, constantly pushing God out of your way and finding it hard to think of what started the change from the passion you once had.

Revelation 2:4 says “Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first” which may seem easier said than done - but we have God’s power working in us from the sacrifice that He made for us; we have the freedom to choose whether we live our lives with God, or not. However, by repenting and asking for His strength, we can overcome apathy and make sacrifices in our own lives for Him. We just need to remember the passion we felt at the start of our journey with God and return to it, beginning with being active in our faith; making a sacrifice and attending our "Church/ Youth group/ Respective Church-y stuff".

Please also spare the time to pray for the Church’s Youth.