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Andrew Collett writes

At the risk of making you feel jealous, I am penning this article sitting under the shade of a tree on a beach, looking out at the azure, Caribbean sea, and sipping a rum punch--courtesy of the Royal Barbados Yacht Club. As I question myself as to how I am here in this beautiful setting, it is all down to our daughter living here on the Island of Barbados. We are here minding the house; the children; the dogs and the staff, while our daughter and her husband are away on business in New York.

Our children have surprised us in so many ways: Mark, our eldest, has designed and built three kitchens for us. Anna has interior designed many rooms in our house, Kristina has allowed us to travel to distant lands, and Neil, our youngest, deals with all our technical, computer and internet problems. These are assets which I value tremendously, and I endeavor to thank and appreciate them for all their hard work and their giftings.

When I think of all these things, the gifts God has bestowed on us, I realise that we are God’s best assets as His children. Are we bestowing our gifts on Him, as He would want us to? I’m sure He doesn’t need a new kitchen, or travel, or the latest computer technology, because he created them all in the first place! But He does want us to offer them in return to Him, in prayer and thanksgiving, for Him to multiply those gifts again.

We are family here at ECB: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, and each one of us is gifted in ways we sometimes don’t recognize. I would encourage everyone, single or married, children or adults, to offer your gift to this family at ECB. If you see a need in the church, I see that need as God prompting you to share your giftings-- giftings that possibly no one else has; in doing so God richly blesses the giver and the receiver.

Stepping out in faith usually means having to step outside our comfort zone, but in doing so that comfort zone just keeps on getting bigger and better.

God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY son, JESUS. What a gift! What an asset!

Every blessing to you all from sunny Barbados.