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Born To Be Saved


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Helen Collier writes

If I ever wrote a book it’s title would be”Born To Be Saved.” I was waiting to know Jesus from the moment I was born. I’m an identical twin and Sue and I, aged five, would sit on our beds very solemnly singing hymns.

When we were seven we persuaded our parents to let us walk through the churchyard to church, one hundred yards from our home.Two years later they eventually joined us, too embarrassed to let us go on our own any longer. At thirteen at my confirmation I remember the Bishop laying hands on my  head and praying for the Holy Spirit to come on me; surely now something would happen and then being so disappointed when nothing did! At fifteen I started going to a Crusader Bible Study- what a spiritual teenager! Not at all! In 1970,in village life, how else could I legitimately meet with boys!

It was there, at last, I heard about Jesus my Saviour. Not only did He die for me but He wanted a personal relationship with me not just on Sundays but everyday! I had at last met the one who all my short life, I had been waiting to be introduced to! And all because someone had been brave enough to tell me their “story.”

They told me how Jesus wanted to know us, how He loved us and how He died for each one of us. As the film says”You had me at “Hello.”

Jesus loves “stories”. His life and ministry were full of them - why? - because we love stories and all relate to them. They are simple to tell,fascinating to listen to and empowered with faith and the presence of Jesus.

2018 for me has been the year of the “story. ” Jesus has repeatedly challenged me to share my story anyhow and anywhere. Can I invite you to join me and with fresh enthusiasm, keep telling our stories, our lives with Jesus and be amazed at what happens!