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Busy-ness robbing you of valuable time with God?


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Tony Shields writes

Have you been at that place recently where you have a list of things to do, time is against you and you stumble at the first hurdle? You find your blood pressure rising, impatience sets in and a simple task becomes a nightmare of activities to overcome before completing that first task. Such experience may lead our thoughts towards spiritual attack and to some degree it is. I have given too much away about myself already! 

Like many I have come to understand the importance of keeping in step with The Holy Spirit through prayer, bible study and quiet times. However life doesn't always allow us to be the perfect Christians it seems. We are like sponges, soaking in the environment around us and in us. Life issues seem to compete with the peace we long for. 

Our busy-ness robs us of valuable time with God but, we do what we can when the opportunity arises. “Fitting God into our lives” is exactly where Satan wants you to be as he can always provide distractions for us. The work of the Holy Spirit is to encourage us to surrender all to God and spend time in His company. It’s a journey and it is not always easy but we can ask for help, in fact we are expected to ask and to receive. In Matthew 20:29 -33, we have this wonderful story of Jesus healing the blind men. His disciples are distracted and express their annoyance but on hearing the blind men’s plea of mercy and a healing of their sight, Jesus has compassion on them. Even though Jesus is mindful of what awaits Him in Jerusalem, He stops to ask them what they want. He has time for them. The blind men seek Jesus and find Him, by calling out to Him. They ask Jesus for help and receive from Him, a healing. They knocked on the door of a personal relationship with Jesus and the door was opened to them. He stopped and gave them His attention. 

They then followed Jesus. It’s a familiar story that’s found in Matthew 7: 7-9 (Ask, Seek, Knock) but in Deuteronomy 4:29 we see a little more emphasis on the need to seek God with all our heart, soul and strength. Jesus confirmed that this is the most important commandments. How do we do this? How desperate are you to have a personal relationship with Jesus where you talk with Him about everything that’s going on in your life? Where you realise you're pretty helpless in putting things right in your own strength.

How often have you wondered what gifts you have and where God wants you to use them? Be encouraged that, through The Holy Spirit, we will be led to a point in time when we realise that is the only true option we have. Have you arrived at that point yet? Maybe I should have laid the list I had before God and asked Him to help me in my days' activities. When will I ever learn?!