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Co-operate with the Holy Spirit


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Phil Trout writes

Someone said to me recently that the whole leadership team seem different lately. That we all seem much more “upwardly connected”. I have to say that is true – we are all feeling expectant, personally challenged by the Holy Spirit in our walk with God, and sensing this is a time of preparation.

We are trying to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in our personal lives. This is leading many of us into extended times of prayer, to putting relationships right, to being much more accountable with each other and challenging each other (in love), to repentance both public and privately with God.

For me, this is sometimes an uncomfortable process, and yet I also know – it is so right. So why all the fuss? – well that’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves too! This period in the run up to Easter was particularly intense for me, lots of confrontation in both the physical and spiritual realms. Neither of which were instigated by me, but orchestrated in such a way it could only have been God – in His wisdom and goodness illuminating things that need addressing and putting me into a place where I had no option but to address them. I said to someone recently at times I feel corralled – this is a process to wild break horses so they become compliant and willing.

Well that’s exactly it – we need to become compliant and willing to the Holy Spirit’s leading. To be aware of, and cooperate with what we see The Father doing. After all, if it was good enough for Jesus to only do The Father’s will, and for the disciples to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading - then it definitely should apply to us too!

So, how do we get there, is the question? Well for me it’s partly being led to my quiet place with our Father – to sit, be still and find “His Rest”. Then simply to maintain that place of rest in my daily life. As soon as I sense I’ve lost that rest, to go back to my prayer closet - and regain it.

This process is partly by His grace, and partly by discipline. I’m reminded of Hebrews 4 – where Paul talks about entering rest. Rest - being the opposite of striving. The end of our own strength and will - and the beginning of God’s will and His power.

In another recent conversation talking about what we are experiencing, I found myself saying “we cannot operate in the fullness of God’s power without first submitting fully to His will” – The Holy Spirit’s presence was so tangible as I spoke out these words – it stopped us from saying anything else – we were unable to speak at all, as these words settled into our hearts and understanding. I believe this is the prize – our loving Father to preparing all who will partner with Him - so we may know and allow His sovereign and redemptive love to lead us to minister within His manifest presence as He leads. This is for a time yet to come - but the practice and discipline of walking it, has started already.

It is may prayer, and my hope, you will partner with Him in this also.