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Coiled Spring


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Andrew Collett writes

Last week James, a neighbour, helped me put up a large and heavy roller shutter door on one of my farm buildings. It took most of the day to complete as we hadn’t any instructions as to how to do it. Finally we finished and surveyed our handiwork, congratulating ourselves that we had managed to succeed in the not- too easy task.

Of course it fell to me to operate the door for the first time, and with great expectation I duly pulled on the chain to raise the door. The first two or three pulls seemed ok, but then it became progressively harder and harder to raise the door to its full height. Soon it became apparent that this was a two man job, and James lent his weight to the ‘Tug of War’.

Finally after much sweating and a few words describing what we thought of ‘The Door’, it arrived at the top of its travel. Then, James, in his usual encouraging way says, ‘We had better see if it closes now’. ‘Your turn’ I reply, and James takes the chain and starts to lower the door. Without any warning the door comes crashing down, triggering the safety brake which stops the door a few feet from the ground. We are glad neither of us was under it and decide that this is the best place to leave it, as it is late Friday afternoon.

So Monday morning comes, and I telephone the door supplier to ask if being as strong as Arnie Schwarzenegger was the key to opening the door they had supplied!

‘No, of course not’ was their reply ‘have you not pre tensioned the spring in the roller tube before fitting the door? ‘No’, was my answer,’ I didn’t know there was one’. So then I was given instructions as to how to do it. Later that day James helps me to tension the ‘Spring’ and, hey presto, the ‘Door’ now goes up and down effortlessly!

In our Christian life the ‘Spring’ can be likened to the Holy Spirit, which may not be obvious to see or hear, but is still there. If we fail to use Him in our lives, then life can seem so hard, just like ‘The Door’ is heavy to open without the Spring.
May I encourage you to let the Holy Spirit in to enable you to open and close your ‘Door’ with God’s help.