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Andrew Collett writes

A grand finale is being played out as autumn hands over to winter. Short days and dark nights intensify as the earth slips further away from the sun, from whence come life, light and warmth. How blessed we are that our ‘Son’ stays always close; the One who gives us life, light and joy is nearer to us than we are to ourselves.

Darkness can invade our thoughts and block out His precious light. What is to be done? Bring every thought captive, making it obedient to our Saviour. (2 Corinthians 10 v5) We really can train ourselves to replace every dark thought with thoughts of praise and thanksgiving. It is a sacrifice that pleases God.

Training is the operative word; we need to be vigilant to oust the dark thoughts immediately they come, replacing them with spoken words of faith and power. Speaking out loud, where possible, is the most powerful way we can re-train our minds. So let us be constantly alert and refuse the enemy to rob us of our rightful happiness. I leave you with the following words as food for thought:

I was captured by an enemy who had one goal: to make my life miserable. I wasn’t physically tortured, only emotionally. I was deprived of all enjoyment. I was given enough food to stay alive, but nothing more. I was subtly threatened as to what would happen to me in the future, and this filled me with worry and anxiety. I was made to feel guilty, lowly and worthless. Insults and putdowns were constantly thrown at me. ‘If you have any feelings of hope about the future,’ I was told, ‘give them up. You will suffer for the rest of your life’.
‘Happiness’ by Rabbi Zelig Pliskinv

For many of us, that enemy is ourselves! However, we can choose to be our own jailors, or we can choose to be our own liberators.

‘Throw your anxieties upon God for He cares for you’ (1 Peter 5v7)

Blessings to everyone today as we come to worship. Thank God for our wonderful family!