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Doing God's Will


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James Dunne writes

Nowadays when most Christians talk about God’s will they mean something detailed and specific. In the Gospels the Pharisees excelled at focussing on the detail of God’s will to the point that they had lost sight of the thrust and heart of God’s plan. Christ’s proclamations that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath, and that the Pharisees were right to tithe Dill and Cumin but ought not to have forgotten about Love are cases in point.

From a biblical perspective what is God’s will for our lives? In various places and ways God sets out guiding principles for our lives. I have picked three that I have found very relevant to my life.
Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8
Love one another as I have loved you John 13:34
Go and do likewise Luke 10:37

Recognising that a particular verse or principal has relevance in your life is just the first step. What follows is a lifelong struggle to make that principal real in your life. It is akin to the student or apprentice being introduced to a particular skill or principal for the first time. You begin as an observer, then a nervous participant, you wrestle with the best way for you to apply it and then you develop into a craftsman responsible for your own work.

We are fortunate to have the Holy Spirit to guide us through this process, but we also have God’s word to offer guidance. Amongst the verses that have helped me most in my Christian journey are:
Get understanding Proverbs 4:7
Now grant me wisdom and knowledge, so that I may lead this people 2 Chr. 1:11
Blessed is the man…… he meditates on God’s word (Law) day and night Psalm 1

I have found that God’s word not only provides life guiding principles but also methods of applying those principles. What is the purpose of studying God’s word ? it is that these Godly principles take root in our heart and we are able to say that we are rooted and built up in him Col 2:7 and that we are able to grow up in our salvation 1Peter 2:2

Many years ago a friend of mine quoted a particular translation of a proverb which was, Trust that God will guide you, and He will I have been unable to track down the translation but I have always loved the sentiment and have found it to be true in my life.