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Early Bird


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Andrew Collett writes

Early this morning we sat in our orangery and watched a blackbird peck for worms on our lawn. We marvelled at the ability of birds to spot worms through a thick, lush carpet of grass.

Worms are their central focus, we concluded as we watched our feathered friend struggling to come to grips with a very big, fat worm.

So with us, our central focus will dictate what we are able to achieve…. overcome….. or aspire to. It is so, so easy in life to fall into a certain pattern that becomes our daily focus: important things that are clamouring for our attention. We may feel unable to change anything, trapped by circumstances, emotions, or relentless calls on our time.

Maybe we all need to be like the early bird to catch our ‘worm’. I do believe that, if we wholeheartedly purpose to do something in line with His will, God will give us the strength and ability beyond our own.

Maybe it is time to set that alarm clock for an early meeting with our wonderful Lord. We may lose sleep, but oh, how immeasurable is our gain. If concentration is a problem you could try writing out your prayers and allow the deepest needs of your heart to pour out.

Nothing gives our heavenly Father more pleasure than to have his children run to him and tarry in his Presence. He hears our every prayer and He will never— ever—fail us.

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim as we look in His wonderful face.