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Ian Biscoe writes

As some of you will be aware through either the recent APCM or the Sunday a month ago where I spoke about ECB's finances, we are spending more on our regular outgoings than the giving that is happening.

Hudson Taylor said: "God's work done in God's way will never lack for God's resources." God has enabled ECB to be built and the loan to be paid off in full by August 2018. We are so grateful for the huge generosity of so many at ECB over the years that have enabled this to become a reality.

But there is a new challenge before us now. Because most of the church's costs are fixed (heat, electricity, salaries etc), there is little that we can do to reduce costs. This means that it is critical that we increase our income so that the church's financial situation does not become any more fragile than it already is.

We are therefore asking everyone to reconsider the amount they give to the church by standing order each month. At the moment we are short approximately an additional £20 a month per individual/family. There are currently 65 individuals or families giving to the church each month. We have well over a 100 families at ECB so there is room for growth. If you pay sufficient tax and sign a Gift Aid declaration (on the standing order form) your gift is automatically increased by 25%.

We understand that not everyone can give this amount, and many people give very generously of their time as well but even if you can give the equivalent of a cup of coffee a week or even just £1 a week by monthly standing order, this will reduce the deficit and help us get back to a balanced budget.

As you know there are many things that we want to do including our work on Elmsbrook, Cherish, men’s ministry, the café, Chaplaincy, giving to mission partners oversees and much more. However if we can't increase our giving to cover our current costs let alone additional new costs, we will not be able to increase the ministry that our church carries out in the community and beyond.

The only people who give to the church are its members, so please prayerfully consider what you give and consider starting to give or increasing your standing order. Standing order forms are available at the back of church for new givers. If you have any questions, feel free to speak with myself or Tom Mitchell