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A Happy New Year?


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Phil Trout writes

A Very Happy 2018 to you all!

I feel very challenged by what is the true essence of - A Happy New Year?

When finally condensed down, it can be summarised as being at peace - in whatever circumstances you may find yourself in. To me there’s only one place to be at true peace - that’s in the Prince of Peace – Jesus.

No matter what we face, there is hiding place in Christ, to lay hold of the peace that surpasses all understanding, to trust in Him, be thankful in Him, and know His true love for us - is the peace we all truly crave.

No other person, or any possession, or other experience can replace this, they will all leave us wanting.

So, why is it sometimes so difficult?

We are trifold – just like the Godhead; Body (physical), Soul (mind, will, emotions) and Spirit (our connect to the Holy Spirit within):
Our physical being can crave physical stimulus; addictions, physical touch, even exercise – but these will leave us just wanting more.

We can be led by our emotions; in trauma, grief, even elation – but these are transitory, they all pass at some point.

Our Spirit connected with the Holy Spirit deposited within us - is Christ in us the hope of glory. The inner man of our Spirit, our heart (in the original Greek this is translated as the centre of our being), is our connection with the Godhead. This is the connection we need to invest in and nurture.

Make it real.

We need to resist the things that lead us into temporary highs, or lead us into emotional lows. To take every opportunity from our circumstances to discipline ourselves to re-focus on Christ within us, and grow that connection until we are naturally aligned to the Mind of Christ.

This is a process, a process we never cease to continue to grow into, one which opens a whole other dimension of possibilities. This is the discipleship we need to grow in; faith and love.

I long for more of Christ in me – so I can give it away to others, but I know I have much to learn. I try not to make comparisons, our journey in Christ is ours to work out, but I long for all of us to grow in our knowledge of the Fathers love for us – no matter if we’re on the mountain tops, or deep valleys of our life experiences there is a place of peace and contentment in Him.

The quiet confidence of knowing Him.

I want to encourage you to invest your time to growing your spiritual relationship through the Holy Spirit deposited in you.

What are the keys?

• His Word – The Bible is still the foundation to knowing Him better
• Worship / Thanksgiving / Lamentation (and yet, I trust in Him!)
• Prayer / Resting in Him / Throw ourselves upon His love and mercy
• Our relationships! Try to find Christ speaking to you through those around you – You’ll be surprised! (and it always makes me smile).

Let’s all try to be open and honest in our life circumstances, and grow together in His love.

2018 could be better than any previous year as we focus on Jesus and experience more of His love.