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For Isaac


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James Dunne writes

For Isaac,
Sorrow at the loss of a child is one of the hardest hurts to bear. When the child is only 15 the burden is all the greater on the family. Our love, affection, and support go out to the D’Amon family in this troubled time for them.

Last Sunday was a sorrowful time for me and I found myself reflecting on the shortness of life and the importance of valuing each other while we are together.

We do not know when we will be parted, but parted we will all be at some point. For death is a natural part of life.

With sorrow at parting there must also be celebration for what we had. For the Christian death is not a finality but a parting of relationship, which will be restored in a more perfect form at the resurrection.

Knowing that hope, we turn to face our current sorrow. We know that God our Father understands what it is to lose a son.

Those of us who have lost a loved one unexpectedly early, know that though time heals and God restores, there is always an element of sorrow in our hearts at the loss we have experienced. In Psalm 23 the writer speaks of walking through the valley of death, but has the conviction that even there, God’s love, goodness, and mercy will follow him and be with him.

In the Book of Job, we see Job lose family, health and wealth, yet in the end God is able to restore him.

We therefore know that in time God is able to restore the D’Amon Family.

For now there is sorrow and tears. We uphold the family in our prayers and stand ready to offer the emotional and practical support they may need.