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Let me tell you a story


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Helen Collier writes

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Every culture embraces this method of communicating about relationships and truth. In this, the Bible is no different. What links such a diverse collection of writings is the perpetual thread (the story) of God’s love for, and His relationship with, His people.

God has so much to say about his relationship with us, but so often we think we have no story worth relating about our relationship with Him.

Who wants to hear your story? I do!

The power of your story is in the personal and unique path that God has mapped out in your life. “Run with perseverance the path marked out for YOU” urges Paul.

Your path is not mine - it’s God’s unique story of His love for you. He wants you to share it and we want to hear it. So let’s become story tellers. Always remember that with God in our lives, we are “Ordinary People living Extraordinary Lives"

At this current time Clive and I are in India sharing our story, and hearing in return many wonderful accounts of God’s love and faithfulness.

When you read this we will be in Sri Lanka with Pastor Sriyamel and Doreen. To catch up with this check the blog pages at this link https://us19.campaign-archive.com/home/? u=3f5da221f1e4ec84e1a993908&id=592418922b