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Let's be greedy


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Holly Howard writes

I recently went on a road trip to Scotland with my daughter, Daisy. We stopped for a coffee a few hours north and thought we would look for some new music to listen to as we drove. I found two albums from my youth and I was excited to replace the long redundant tapes with cd’s. So we set off again and put on the first album. I was transported right back! And most amazing of all, I could still remember the words! Not only that but also where I was and what I had been doing on some of the occasions I had been listening to it. Stories came tumbling out. Poor Daisy.

Music, sounds, even smells, can dredge up long stored away memories and not always when you are making an effort to remember. But when you do want to remember something, it doesn't always work. And if we share an experience with another, we both have a slightly different take on it. So do our brains store it slightly differently or is the experience unique to the individual? How can this be? I started to marvel at the amazing complexity of the human brain. I know the Bible tells us that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" , Psalm 139:14, but this is beyond amazing! How can we as individuals be so completely unique and diverse? Has it something to do with being made in His image?

God is unique and diverse. Genesis 1:27 says "so God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him". Might be something in that. But is that enough? As humans we are very often dissatisfied with what we have in life. So might the answer be that we should strive for the 'character' of Jesus too? The complete and ultimate package. Let's be greedy for God and want more.