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Love One Another


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Erika Biscoe writes

Over the last few weeks in the evening service we have been looking at a teaching series entitled ‘One another.’

There are over fifty phrases in the New Testament with the term ‘one another’ or ‘each other.’ The series is based on biblical perspectives on how we care for and encourage one another. Within the church this is known as pastoral care, a rather ambiguous term as this can cover a plethora of areas. We recently sent out a Pastoral care survey to all church members and many of you responded, which highlighted the need for us to prioritise this in the current season. From the survey we collated three key areas;

Communication – Improving information sharing and introducing a welcome desk. We have a small group of people trialling communication through social media, sharing information such as the weekly newsletter, about the services and other local Christian events. Please talk to Carol Hill for more information. The welcome desk is in its final stages. We are preparing a new welcome card and we will have a designated area where other information can be shared to all newcomers. We are also building a second tier of welcomers to compliment our already existing welcome team. Please talk to Jeannie Neal for more information.

Small groups - We are called to mutually encourage and disciple each other through living open, accountable and submitted lives - seeking to build each other up and to support each other through the challenges for life our hope is that our varied small groups will offer this. We currently have twenty groups meeting different days and times of the week. Fourteen with a discipleship focus, three with a missional focus and three with a worship focus. Please talk to Dorothy Williams for more information.

Additional needs/disabilities group – Nearly three times more people have issues with hearing in church than with other disabilities. Fourteen hearing, five physical, two mental health, two visual. It was hence decided to start with hearing issues in church. This has included looking at the loop system, microphone clarity, leaders preachers and notice givers, and hearing aids. The actions taken so far have included alerting speakers to speak more clearly and use the stand microphones properly. All leaders and preachers have been requested to use the head microphones. The plan is to continue to speak to those with significant hearing loss, to research a loop testing system that the AV team can buy and use to ensure all is working and to address other disability areas. Please talk to Roger Winson for more information.

As you can see there is a lot happening …..

As the living Body of Christ, we are called to care for each other in terms of both support and love but also in terms of encouragement and discipleship. ‘let me give you a new command: love one another….’ John 13:34