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Patience and Perseverance


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Phil Trout writes

Patience and Perseverance

Well here’s two words that can be rather annoying.

In the times I’ve had these words given to me, I’ve shouted inwardly “really – again?”, sighed, and resigned myself to a long wait while shelving my immediate plans. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is The Lords purpose that prevails… (Proverbs 12.21)

I’ve learned that Gods timing is far better than mine. In our fallen state we are often impatient to take the fruit and not so willing to wait for it to be given. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from The Father of Heavenly lights… (James 1.17)

I believe this is true, generally in this physical world, and in spiritual gifts.

We can strive for this and that, but in the end without God it will just leave us hollow and wanting. God’s gifts are freely given and according to the faith God has given us. (Romans 12.3)

If we take control of our circumstances we will never grow in faith and humility.

There are opportunists who clamour for what is only God’s to give. These have totally missed the fear of The Lord – this is one of the Spirits of God. Romans 12 refers to “a delight in the fear of the Lord” and references; Isaiah 11.2-3 and Revelation 5.6.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom (Proverbs 1.7) – God is Holy - it is only by the grace of Jesus Christ, who The Father sent us in His love – that we are saved from judgement.

Ultimately, we still need to give account for the fruit of our lives (Romans 14.12, Hebrews 4.13) This grace we have, is for salvation (literally to be saved from God’s judgement) - not a license to do as we please.

God raises up the humble in due time (1 Peter 5.6)

I, for one, would rather wait to be lifted up by God, than be opposed by Him (James 4.6), or worse be scattered like those who are proud in their own thoughts (Luke 1.51)

Patience is better than pride (Ecc 7.8)

The Spirit of God placed within us should lead us to all truth (John 16.13)

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5.22)

Let us grow in Patience and Perseverance, and let God lift us up in His good timing.