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Phil Trout writes

Perseverance is a word most of would not choose for ourselves, but the truth is - we all must persevere; in our faith, and in our calling - to see all that God has for us come to pass.

We all fall short sometimes, we all feel low at times, nobody is immune – but God’s promises never fail. The truth is - God knew this would happen and has already given you the tools to overcome – so see this is an opportunity to grow in faith….

I don’t believe in glib, pat, answers for what are often, very real, and difficult circumstances we all face from time to time - but unless we invite him, the enemy can only test us for a time. We are, in extreme times, encouraged to just stand (Eph. 4.10) - and there are times, that’s all I can do, just resist, pushing away wrong thoughts, sometimes praying in tongues.

I have noticed some of God’s promises seem so much more relevant to me in these times – His mercy is new every morning. (Lam 3.22) My Father in heaven knows where I’m at, and He provides a way for me to persevere. He answers before I call (Is 64.24), is also another truth that suddenly become a living reality. He loved us first (1 Jn. 4 17- 19) - it’s our response to Him that matters, for our own benefit - not God’s!

For me, the key is not to look back or dwell on what’s passed, but to press on (Phil 3.13).

Through our Father in Heaven’s love for us, we are a new creation in Christ - we really do not need to dwell in our old self.

I find it helpful to ask myself, why are am I going through this now?
1. Is God teaching me something new? – If yes – then good!
a. Find the antidote from His word and press on!
2. Is this old stuff resurfacing? - is there something else I need to address?
a. Yes, then go through it in repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation, or seek help to get free.
b. No there’s nothing else, OK! - So, the enemy is trying to distract me…

Good –that means I’m close to a breakthrough! Press on, keep focused on God – spend time in prayer (that is our hiding place in Him) - and worship (the enemy can’t stand to be anywhere near it!)

We are more than conquerors (Rom. 8.37), with Christ in us the hope of glory (Col 1.27) – be strengthened in your inner man and let Christ arise in you. (Eph. 3.16)

Let us stand together in friendship, love, and prayer, and encourage each other to persevere