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Joe Hemmings writes

It's hard to know what to write for these newsletter posts.

I thought today I'd just share some cool stories of little ways I've seen God at work recently.

One that comes to mind was a few weeks ago when a girl fell off her bike just outside our house. She had dislocated her shoulder and broken her humerus. Her friend's mum who is one of our neighbours asked myself and Sam to help where we could. Sam prayed for her as we waited for the ambulance and she was incredibly grateful for that. Later some of our neighbours also came to help and support. Throughout the whole thing I could really feel the Holy Spirit that we carried and the peace he brings. Even in this horrible situation, I believe God brought good from it, with our little neighbourhood coming together to love someone in need.

Another story I have! I've been praying for several years now about the young adults of Bicester. I see them when I go out and do Street Pastors, just getting drunk and being young. I can tell that they often don't quite know what their true life's purpose is and who they really are. Recently whilst Street Pastoring I met a group of 18-20 year olds and spoke to them for about half an hour. It turns out they were familiar with loads of my friends because they had gone to a church youth group when they were younger.

God used that interaction to show me that the seeds we sow are never a waste. Maybe we don't see the fruit, but down the line, who knows how God will use our acts of kindness and faith. These guys were beginning to realise that this ‘Jesus guy’ I was talking about has a lot to do with why the Christians they know act the way they act. I'm gonna keep praying for those guys and hope that down the line another Christian will step out in faith and water those seeds that have been down by many over years and years.