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Sowing the seeds


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Debbie Winson writes

You will probably have seen bread in the shops that has “Seven Seeds”. The seed mix in the packet we have is supposed to contain “toasted brown linseed, toasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, millet seeds, golden linseed and poppy seeds”. The poppy seeds are tiny, but show up because they are black, whereas pumpkin seeds are large enough to handle and dark green.

In the Bible, Jesus used seeds and sowing seeds in His teaching. In the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, the farmer scatters his seed somewhat indiscriminately (unlike in modern farming where a computer controls the seed drilling precisely depending to the fertility of the soil!).

Jesus likens the sowing of seeds to us telling our friends about the kingdom of heaven. He says that sometimes we talk about God’s truth and people hear the message, but don’t fully understand it, or other things get in the way of them taking it to heart. Other times, people are ready to hear more of what it means to have faith in God through Christ Jesus. They understand it and set about leading their lives following God’s plan and His standards. They can come to a perfect God, not in their own strength, but because Jesus has taken on our imperfections.

This year we have been sowing lots of different kinds of seeds to create food for our “Grown in Bicester” Harvest meal this Saturday. At the event we shall have a display of different kinds of seeds, and the plants/fruits that they grow into.

God’s creativity is shown in the diversity of plants and animals we have, and we are reminded to look after them carefully.

We will also have Roger Murphy’s Through Faith Mission team to help us sow seeds of faith.

God is very gracious and we have resources from Him that we can share with friends from our local community quite indiscriminately.

These resources include the café as a gathering space, people with gifts of growing and cooking food and God’s love to share.

A man with a special gifting, Paul, the Escapologist, will amaze us with his performance! We are seeing God at work through each other, and long for more people to be ready to share God’s blessing.