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Autumn Hunt writes

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon ‘To every thing there is a season… and everything is beautiful in it’s time.’

There is a time to go and fight, and a time to rest…

It is beautiful when we come into a season and have to learn how to fight. Better than last time… Sometimes the Lord allows us to do some battling when he wants to show us our authority and how to walk in it. In those times, we are not alone, but we are called into the beauty of training. Will we worship more quickly as a response? Will we use thankfulness as a shield? Will we NOT write that email back? These can be hard times, times of stretching and strengthening, and it can be really annoying, but sometimes all he says is “My grace is sufficient “ in these seasons. Ouch!

But the Lord is not cruel, in fact he’s the best coach there ever was! He knows how to work our spiritual muscles to the point of exhaustion, wasting no effort and maximising results. 1 Peter 5:10 comes to mind, ‘And after you have suffered a little while the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.’ Come on! How awesome is that? He then faithfully delivers us from the training into rest and refreshment. In the natural, it is while we sleep that our muscles repair themselves and grow, and it is just like that in our spirit man as well.

It is JUST AS beautiful when he brings us into a season of rest!

Before the heat even started cranking up I heard the Holy Spirit telling me that I needed to rest and just be with my family through the summer. So I let go of rota’s and some ‘good things’. I awkwardly, but in obedience, said “No thank you” to invitations that I did not feel were on the Holy Spirit’s agenda for me. I felt a quiet assurance that everything would be ok. I sensed that I couldn’t afford to waste the time of rest that had been carved out for me! I’d like to say I did this gracefully this summer, but I did have moments of panic. “I have no desire to read my bible? This feels really strange? And I don’t feel like listening to a sermon? And I don’t even want to exuberantly worship…..is something wrong?” I don’t even want to give or receive prophetic words! Really I don’t! But if I don’t strive for this or have a ‘cutting edge word’ will you stop speaking to me forever? Will I become useless? Panic. Panic.

“Calm yourself. Surprise again! Remember, I am not a box that you need to tick, and you do not EARN your destiny Autumn! I am happy for you just to come and sit next to me. I delight in you, too, remember?” It was in those very small moments that I get wrecked again by my true identity as a daughter. He is faithful to keep recalibrating me that his anointing in my life and fulfilling of my destiny in Christ is never in performance and doing. It’s got nothing to do with me at all- it’s his pleasure, his glory alone. And I just needed quiet….not to overcomplicate it. Ah…..I’m exhaling as I write because I did get that rest in the end. All summer, mostly!

How delighted I was last week when I felt a natural, fresh wave of desire rise back up in me. “Oh Papa I want to get drenched in your Presence again! Can I sing you a song? Can I encourage some people with fresh words from your heart? How can I bring you glory and pleasure this season? I just want to feel your smile and I’m ready to ‘go’ now….! It was just rising up again…

I wonder as the season changes in the natural, what season you feel the Lord is calling you into? If it is rest can I encourage you to fully embrace it, no guilt, no excuses! And if, like me, he is stirring you up into something new then grab a hold and fill a new wine skin!