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Jane Mitchell writes

You may have read the article on the BBC news website recently about Sky Sports anchor (not forget t ing former Blue Peter presenter) Simon Thomas. His wife sadly died suddenly in November last year and he has since been writing a blog about his feelings following her death. That blog can be found at www.agriefshared.com.

It is perhaps surprising that one of these posts describing how weak he feels, his fears, and his sleeplessness has been selected as a news story. The article included Simon’s reference to Pete Greig (founder of “24-7 Prayer”) who himself has written about being courageous enough to be vulnerable and about being honest about our weaknesses.

Simon encourages men in particular that they do not always need to ‘be strong.’ Perhaps it is not so surprising. It had made an impact that someone in the public eye had been open about struggles that so many people can relate to. On reading the article I immediately thought of a close friend who has lost a family member too soon and messaged her about what had been written. There is comfort in shared experience.

Wanting to read more I went to the blog and discovered what the BBC did not include. Simon writes that “I’ve been a Christian all my life” and quotes 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9 “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.” This is such a powerful promise that it is Jesus we rely on in our weakness, not ourselves.

Rather than end on a note of despondency, whilst admitting his current weak state, he is able to write of hope and the future because he is not trusting in his own strength but in the Lord.

This verse has always encouraged me to step out into situations that seem bigger than myself – to go on my first mission trip to Africa when I was 19 years old, to stand up and speak in court though my 20’s, to go into local prisons the last few years and currently to console baby Hannah in the early hours. How amazing to know that in Christ our weakness does not disqualify us but is an opportunity for Christ’s power to be at work in and through us. May you know Christ’s strength in whatever situation you find yourself, where you feel at the end of your natural strength, as you trust in Him.