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Ian Biscoe writes

As we begin this new academic year we wanted to update you on a number of things that will be happening at Emmanuel church over the coming months.

At the end of May, beginning of June, we received the results from our pastoral survey. We have been working with your feedback since then and want to update you on the results and subsequent actions.There were a number of reoccurring themes including the need for a Pastoral team with shared leadership and a defined structure. The vital role of small groups and hospitality in the life of the church. Better suppor t for people with additional needs and disabilities. The requirement of improved communication at all levels including following up people who have not been attending regularly.

We have agreed to focus on Pastoral care as a church this year. So Erika and I will be committing to this goal of developing a pastoral team and defining the structure that this will take.

Currently we have about 50% of the church in a small group the aim is to increase this to 75%. We have started a number of new groups already and are exploring various ways to develop and improve the variety of groups available. If you would like to join a small group please contact Dorothy Williams, Erika or Ian Biscoe. Next term we will be focusing our morning preaching series around hospitality and Erika and I have set ourselves a target of having everyone at ECB for a meal over the next 12 months!

We have a small team of people who have volunteered to explore ways to make Emmanuel church a more accommodating and supportive environment for people with additional needs and disabilities.

Good communication has always been an issue at ECB! We are currently in the process of reviewing our administrative support structures.

We have recently attained Churchbuilder which is a database and intranet system and have updated our finance IT package to a new system called ExpensePlus. There is still more we can do to improve this area of church life but it is clear from the survey responses that this is something that we need to continue working on. Thank you for your responses to the survey, we had 125 people complete the questionnaire and hope that this information will help us to improve how we love and care for each other. Someone (everything on the survey is anonymous) made this helpful comment on their questionnaire;

‘Thank you ECB for courage to do a survey and I hope the PCC/ leader’s don’t take any feedback personally, but use it to help ECB become a more loving, humble church, one that nurtures.’